Band BIO

It’s hard to believe that it was back in 1995 that a local group of runners, who also happened to be musicians, thought that it would be fun to put together a band to play at their annual Mohegan Strider Running Club Banquet. Founding member Chris Hansen (lead guitar/keyboard) and others brainstormed about the concept of forming a band while watching live music after a local road race. They evolved quickly into a small group of runners/musicians to give the new idea a try.

The first time the band performed, it was an unforgettable rush. All band members had performed for years before, but the 100 or so club members in attendance at the first gig didn’t know what to expect. The facial expressions of the crowd went from, “can these guys play?” to “Wow! They’re really good.” It was fun and encouraging to the newly formed band, to see everyone have a great time that night.

Three more years passed of playing club functions, and the band picked up yet another running club member, Laurie Schaeffer (vocals/keyboard). Laurie can wail; a true rock vocalist who can cut through a mix. With even more energy and vocals up front, the addition of a female singer added a whole new range of music to perform.

Run for Cover started to play other private functions strictly by word of mouth. Quickly clubs, colleges and outdoor venues wanted to book Run for Cover. The mix of music seems to please a wide range of ages and styles. This is probably due to the varying musical tastes of the members. As can be seen by the song list, the band plays a variety of genres including favorite rock anthems, pop, reggae, funk, blues, alternative and country.

Run for Cover's current lineup features Tom Roemmele, (bass guitar/saxophone/vocals), who played with Chris in Last Summer in the early 90’s, recently returned from the West after 20 years. During that time Tom toured with Under the Gun (featuring Kenny Carter of The Guess Who). Tom opened for internationally known recording artists Peter Frampton, Stephen Stills, 38 Special, Bad Company, Steppenwolf, BTO and Creedence Clearwater Revisited. Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Connecticut.

Adam Leighton, (drums/vocals) who played with Chris and Tom in Last Summer in the early 90’s, recently returned to Run for Cover. He can handle any style of music thrown at him with authority, and with his unshakeable composure, the beat stays right in the pocket.

Over the past several years Run for Cover has been playing Clubs, Colleges, summertime outdoor venues and private events throughout CT and RI. We’ve taken great pride in always being asked to come back again. We love to perform, and it shows.

What attributes sets Run for Cover apart from others?

- For over 20 years we have kept all ages entertained with our brand of high energy upbeat music.

- A family-friendly set list that spans six decades of great music.

- RUN for COVER is entertainment for everyone!

Run for Cover Line-up:

Chris Hansen – Guitar, Keyboards, wishes he could sing
Tom Roemmele - Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Laurie Schaeffer – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, now she can sing
Adam Leighton – Drums, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
John Schaeffer - Guitar, Sound